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    What is in Bubble Tea?

    May 24, 2022

May 24, 2022

What is in Bubble Tea?

What is bubble tea?

You might be thinking, but it’s actually been a hot (or cold!) favourite in countries like China since the 1980s. Bubble teas can come either sweet with milk or savoury and contain anything from fruit juice to herbal extract!

What are the bubbles?

Bubble Tea is an incredibly unique looking beverage, made by blending a tea base with milk or fruit syrups. To add their signature “bubbles” – yummy popping bubbles, jelly or tapioca pearls are added that sit at the bottom of your cup or glass; this delicious drink can be served either hot or iced cold as well (great for those summer days)!

How was it invented?

While it may sound like a weird idea at first, iced coffee has been around for quite some time now and is becoming more popular every day. A few years ago in Taiwan there was only one company that made this type of drink – called Chun Shui Tang (a teahouse). One morning while they were all sitting down getting bored during their meeting someone said to Lin HsiuHui “Whatabout if we added some dessert?” She then thought about what kind would be best suited since everyone else seemed happy with everything already laid out before them so she decided on fen yuan or tapioca pudding which happened


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